Single Black Diamond


50 Hits starts in the path of the RAF Low Fly Zone, with over 8 mins of flowing table tops this track is best suited to Enduro bikes.


Fast rollers see you into a berm-to-berm gap before one of the biggest hits on the track; then it's onto the fast fly-offs before a section of berms that spit you out into the woods where the real jumps start.

400m / 3642m
"50 hits gives you the chance to boost, send, and boost again! The entire track is protected from the wind by trees so go large! "
Rachel Atherton
"50 hits at Dyfi Bike Park is just brilliant - progressive yet challenging, it brings the big mountain experience to Mid Wales "
Joe Hayward


The Big Table

At the brow of the hill. You see the lip and that’s it - boost high off the hip take-off, or send the straight table top - photos look epic!

1. The Big Table

Big Wide Fast Berm

Flat out over the crest of the mountain. Dropping in at warp speed you get a last look at the view before you hit the main tables in the trees.

2. Big Wide Fast Berm

Run Of Tabletops

Count them! big, small and kicky… they’ll throw you perfectly into the berms, so you’ll feel like a legend in the air! Carry speed thru the last and boost high to clear

3. Run Of Tabletops

The Bridge

Catch your breath at the first huge roundwood timber bridge on the jump line crafted from our own trees by Olly Davey

4. The Bridge

The Hip

A technical BMX style hip to take you into the bottom of 50 hits.

5. The Hip

Bee’s Corners

After more than 40 jumps and tables you’re suddenly into some steep tech rooty turns before the finish - a last chance to catch you out or get you buzzing

6. Bee’s Corners

Double Black Diamond

Original DH

The first track to be built on the bike park. At over 6 mins long with everything from fast rocky sections, big jumps and steep gullies, this track is the most varied track on the hill.


Original DH starts out technical with rocky, rooty drops and berms then gets fast and fun, spitting you out into three big table tops before sending you over the iconic bridges. Try the Road Gap, then step up onto the largest roundwood timber bridge in the park before you drop into an off camber traverse and the steeps of the final section.

300m / 1722m
"This track is great, you feel safe to hit it because Dan has designed it but at the same time it feels really natural and real "
Scott Watkins
"Considering how wet it has been the track is unbelievably dry, It’s a testament to Dan’s track-building that he knows exactly the right angles so all the rain runs off. "


1st Drop 1st Rocks

The first rock drop is tech, spot your landing over the root and pop it.

1. 1st Drop 1st Rocks

Three Tables

The most fun jumps ever - the views here are epic...

SPLIT - stick RIGHT to continue onto the DH track…

2. Three Tables

Road Gap & Bridge

HOLD YOUR SPEED across this wooden road crossing as you are sent into the biggest bridge in the forest –The feeling as your float onto it is out of this world …

3. Road Gap & Bridge

Beef Step Up

Off the bridge and over a table top, you hit BEEF step up, one of the most fun step ups in the park

4. Beef Step Up

Bearclaw Corner

Steep rocky chutes litter the bottom of the DH track, you'll have to be balanced and on point to ride these!

5. Bearclaw Corner

Steep Berms

The final steep berms of the track, setup and commitment are key here, let the bike roll and you've conquered it!

6. Steep Berms

Double Black Diamond


Named by the World Cup racers who use this 5 minute track to train, this track is high speed all the way with some of the most fun corners on the mountain.


Fast rocky sections lead into 3 table tops before dropping into tight corners that shoot you into more tight corners. Bermed and rutted, with natural senders and flat out bus stops, this track races down hill at a perfect gradient and it’s easily ridden on a trail bike. The lower section is wild with steep chutes and catch berms.

400m / 2500m
"The racetrack is the one track you can ride at full race speed top to bottom, and at just under 5 minutes its an awesome track to get you up to pace "
Dan Atherton
"This track spits you into the trees at high speed, it’s rough, it’s tech and it’s flowy, you feel like you’re riding at the absolute edge of your ability "
Jamie Robertson


The Start Hill

This is where it begins. 400m of elevation and a 5 minute track, are you ready?

1. The Start Hill

The Drops

Off the start hill, two of the hardest features on the whole park, these rock drops require full commitment but with an option round the side

2. The Drops

Original Tabletops

The first jumps built on the park – they still ride amazing!

3. Original Tabletops

Berms and Turns

Split left and you'll be shot into wickedly tight turns and berms amongst the trees, totally different to the open space 10 seconds before… Hit them hard!

4. Berms and Turns

Sender Roots

The locals’ favourite...boost a knuckle and send it into the rooty landing, swapping as you land, … this seemingly innocent section is so fun when you’re slightly out of control

5. Sender Roots

Pipe Road Gap

A fun little road gap into a huge G-out turn, one of the best features on the whole park.

6. Pipe Road Gap

Triple Black Diamond

Slab Track
TRIPLE BLACK DIAMOND - This track has obstacles that can’t be rolled and don’t have alternative lines

Nestled beneath the huge ridgeline with unrivalled views across the landscape and named for its natural bedrock slabs, the Slab Track offers an alternative top section to the race track and is a technical challenge from the start!


At the top of this track fierce bedrock slabs cut a tempting line through the clear fell.  Tight corners and tech drops lead you into a dive down steep chutes and through wide Scotts Pines before the challenge of The Slab. A sixty foot slab of bedrock tips you flat out into a wide, fast flowing section before you hit the fire road for a breather and drop into Lower Slab and down to the Race Track. 

400m / 620m
" Aww yeah – the new Slab track is so rad I’m still smiling two days later "
Rachel Atherton
"Its terrifying! Wet, windy and Dan is crazy! I can’t wait to get back up there for some more … "
Bernard Kerr


Rock Rollers

These first few slabs are tech rock rollers that'll have you wondering … but you'll be good if you stick to your line!

1. Rock Rollers

Drop into Corner

A beauty little drop into a tight bermed corner - you have to hop over a rock and land perfectly precise before the turn, not for the faint hearted!

2. Drop into Corner

Steep Chute Turns

Get your braking correct, get your body position correct, and you'll be buzzing!

3. Steep Chute Turns

The Slab

A 60ft, smooth as butter, bedrock slab, trust your tyres to make it across this slab rubber side down and shoot into the open

4. The Slab


Because all you will be doing is grinning! A fast flowing section with a fast fly off thrown in, well earned reward for the tech slab track above.

5. Grins

Lower Slab

Hit a flowy singletrack and a mini jump line to connect to the bottom of RACETRACK

6. Lower Slab


Dyfi Bike Park is based in the Esgair Forest three miles north of Machynlleth, just off the A487 towards Dolgellau It’s clearly sign-posted from the main road at Pantperthog.


DYFI BIKE PARK Pantperthog, Machynlleth, SY20 9AS